Management Consultancy Services.

Management consultancy services are provided in Ransbach-Baumbach by Dr. Steudter & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB and in Montabaur by Dr. Steudter Weber & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB.

As a result of the changing economy and legal framework, companies find themselves in a continuous process of adaptation.

Due to limited human resources or a lack of specialist knowledge, SMEs are not able to solve all the resulting problems alone. As certified public accountants, tax advisors and management consultants, we deal with problems in diverse sectors of industry and company management issues on a daily basis.

This is why providing creative consultancy services to our clients on all aspects of business management is another of our areas of specialisation.

Our specialist fields in management consultancy are:

  • Introduction of reporting systems for submission to banks
  • Preparation of reports on short, medium and long term cash flow and profit planning
  • Advice on investment plans
  • Introduction or assessment of controlling systems
  • Comprehensive support in business start-ups

Complex projects, such as the acquisition or divestment of a company, restructuring or succession arrangements are implemented by experienced teams of certified public accountants, tax advisors and management consultants in order to deliver the optimum solution to our clients.

We also collaborate with legal experts and notaries in our network on legal issues and implementations.